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This is NOT The Abby Show Teacher's Guide
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"Abby’s funny and engaging first-person narrative recalls the tone of Jeff Kinney’s Wimpy Kid and Rachel Renee Russell’s Dork Diaries, and the ultimate message – friends can help bring out the best in someone – is heartwarming."

"Fischer creates a captivating portrayal of one girl's experiences with ADHD . . . Fischer's spunky and introspective protagonist offers a sympathetic mirror for many kids, both boys and girls." 
-- Kirkus Reviews 

"The characters are likable and fun to follow from start to finish, and their growth rings true. The author does a great job of shining some light on ADHD and how it can affect people differently."
-- School Library Journal

“A charming, funny and heartfelt adventure, Abby's story will touch your heart, your soul, and your funny bone.”
-- David Lubar, author of Hidden Talents and The Weenies short-story collections.

“There’s a hilarious new star on the scene. Despite her many ADHD-fueled mistakes, irrepressible Abby Green will make you fall crazy in love with her. You’ll root wildly for Abby as she navigates floundering friendships, a sometimes frustrating family, summer school, and a derailed dream.”
-- Donna Gephart, author of Death by Toilet Paper and Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen

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